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Xenon X4 7403-4H Sublimation Transfer Printer

Product Overview

The PrintMaster Xenon X4 7403-4H Printers are High-Speed Dye Sublimation Transfer Printers for printing to Sublimation paper at incredible speeds at an affordable cost.


Specification (Machine Details)

Parameter Specification
Print Heads Epson i3200 A1 / 4 Print Heads
Print Drop Size 2.5 pl to 27 pl
Print Resolution 720 x 3200 dpi
Printing Width 1800 mm
Printing Length Roll Length
Maximum Roll Diameter 150 mm
Maximum Roll Weight 100 Kgs
Media Feed & Take Up Industrial Auto Feed & Take Up System
Inks Dye Sublimation water-based ink set -CMYK Standard
Inks Supply 3.5L Bulk Ink Tanks with Automatic Ink Supply
Ink Curing Integrated Tri Heating System; Extended Infrared Heating System
RIP Software SAI Flexprint [Standard]
Print Software Print Manager
Printer Dimensions [mm] 3050 x 760 x 1560 mm
Printer Weight [kgs] 530 Kgs
Power Requirements Single Phase AC 220V / 50Hz, 2.5KW [Printer] | Dryer [3 KW]
Environmental Requirements Temperature 25 -35c | Relative Humidity 35% – 65%

Special Features

Print Heads

The design of the printer is around the new Epson 13200 Print Heads. The Epson 13200-A1 Precision Core MicroTFP printhead is a Print Head designed for Aqueous Inks. With a total of 3200 Nozzles in 8 rows, this is one of the fastest print head in its class. The Printer is equipped with 2 print heads and optionally with 4 print heads for even higher productivity.

Automatic Print Head Maintenance

The advanced Print Head Maintenance System sets the auto- matic Print Head Capping, Ink Suction and Head Wiping to en- sure perfect print results

Large Capacity ink Tanks

Equipped with 3.5L Bulk Ink Tanks for uninterrupted prints

Fiber Optic Data Transfer

1.25 Gb/s data processing capacity is more than enough for transferring high-resolution images. Fiber system also has anti-interference ability, which can ensure stability during high output speed.

VSDT Technology

Xenons proprietary VSDT Technology delivers Ultra high Quality prints from 2.5 to 27pl

Heavy Duty Feed and Take Up System

The High print speed is achieved in part due to stable and heavy Duty media feed and take up system

Product Images

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