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PrintMaster XENON – X6090 UV

High Quality Small Format UV LED Flatbed Printer

Product Overview

Xenons X6090 Small Flatbed UV printer
High-Efficient small format uv printer
Printhead: EPSON i3200-U1/XP600
Productivity: 10 sqm/h
Ink Set: CMYK LcLm White Varnish
Drop Volume: 3.2pl
Print Size: 600*900mm
Resolution: 720*2400dpi
Ink: U

Specification (Machine Details)

Special Features

Xenons X6090 : High Quality Multifunction Flatbed Led Uv Printer All New Technology, Configured With Variable Drop Size 2.5pl Head For Sharper Image Quality.

Variable color configuration + Easy Upgrate
Standard 4/6 Color plus White,Light Magenta,Light Cyan,Varnish ink for option.
Satisfy different customers for high speed,high resolution,special White and Varnish application on different substrates.

Personalized panel
New button board design,more functional; Removable operation panel,easy to operate

Intelligient carridge
Different Nozzle position,more efficiency White+Colored+Varnish print at the same time;
Double LED UV lamps for dry the White and Colored ink also Varnish.

Auto ink supply system
Carriage automic lock to stablize the heads and the captop;Easier maintenance ink heat up system in the damper;
White ink recirculation for better avoid the blocking; Carriage suction device to clean the air and the dust.

Maximum the productivity
An array of three staggered printheads increases the printing speed and achieves top-level productivity in the same product category.
Furthermore, by expanding the print area to 710 × 510 mm (28 × 20 in),
it is possible to print at the size of 636 × 469 mm (25 × 18.5 in), which is often used for screen printing.

High-value added print with special color ink broadens the possibilities of business.
It is a clear ink that can give an additional value such as both gloss and matte tones, texture expression according to the application.

Reliable operating support package
Ink and media shortage, clogged nozzles, and other minor problems influence stable productivity.
It fully supports continuous printing with reliable technologies.
It provides high-grade glossy representation and expressive embossing feeling with highly-concentrated clear to lead a fine and beautiful texture print.

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