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Basic UV hybrid Printer, Upgrade of S3200 RTR

Product Overview

Print Head option: Rioch G5/ Ricoh G6/ Konica i/ Kyocera
1.Intelligent ink level alarm system
2.Imported IGUS towline,top level drag chain solution
3.Industria grade heavy duty structure
4.Megadyne Belt to give smooth moving
5.Air inlfation shaft for flex media feeding and collection

Specification (Machine Details)

FR3200 uv Hybrid digital printing Machine

Model: FR3200M

Printing Size: 3.2m x unlimited

Media Thickness: 50 mm.

Ink Type: UV Ink(Medium/ Flexiable)

Curing System: UV LED(water cooling)

Rip Software: Sai/ ONYX

Print Head control: Temperature and Valtage control by Waveform

Operation Environment: Temp. 20℃-28℃; Humidity 40%-60%

Power Supply: 50/60Hz 220V(10%) > 30A Single PHase

Image Outdoor Lifespan: 3 Years(Base on DOCAN Ink)

Dimention: 5120x1460x1530mm; 1650Kgs; Crate size 5360x1560x1840mm

Warranty: 12 months after installation

General Information

With the printing size 3.2m,FR3200M UV hybrid printer is the basic hybrid machine which can replace the roll to roll machine S3200 ,It can print on Soft film,but S3200 not! Different from S3200,No need to adjust the tension before printing!Its pritning can from edge to edge which save more material than S3200!And FR3200M can not print on any flat sheet! Konica 1024i,Ricoh G5/G6,Kyocera kj4a printheads are optional.It can equipped with 1 row kyocera or 2 row KM1024I or 3 Row RICOH G6. The high speed mode can reach  50㎡/h,Which meet the customer demand and output at the same time. The independent front and rear take- up and feeding system can take-up and feed one roll of 3.2m material.The feeding and collect roller can ensure the soft material without wrinkle,deformation and deviation.The printing quality can also easily checked with the Integrated light box.


Head Layout

Print Head Options

Technical Parameter

Ink Curing System

Ink curing system operates with water-cooled Led UV lamps which has longer life time, more silent operation, do not make ozonic gas and emit less heat than traditional mercury lamps. It enables user toprint on wider media choices, printings on sensitive or non-sensitive materials and printings withvarnish implementation as well as to save energy, costs and time. Excluding the use of VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds) the UV curable ink is environmental friendly and has no bad smell. Drawer-type UV lamp cassette makes easy to replace the lamps when needed.DOCAN Unique 5 dgree BANK Angle design avoid heads harm.

Vacuum Belt Table

The FR3200 Hybrid UV printer installed with 3.2m Belt-convery feeding system, with a unaverage vaccum zone design, which makes posibility of different size media printing and max 3200mm. TheBelt is driven by High Precision HARMONIC Reducer motor to ensure the motion stability of the media feeding step.

Guide Rail & Metal Liner Raser

Equipped with Japanese THK silent guide rail with X axial metal raster which ensures straight carriage moving to achieve accurate printing and posibility of high driven speed. Y Asix driving by dualDelta motor belt system with Metal raster, deviation control within 1um.


Automatic high-volume Ink Supply system ensures continuous printing. The white ink has automatic stirring and circulation system, which avoids the clog of the white printhead. The system continuously circulates the ink between the Sub Ink Tank and Main tank; internal main tank. It equipped with Ink low level sensor, gives alarm once ink level below than setting.

 Rip Software

ONYX RIP Center is standard software with Kyocera engine, which provides the control and simplicity needed to get started in wide format print production and achive consistent high-quality output. The versatile tools in ONYX RIP Center software make it easy to preparejobs and produce sellable prints faster.

With advanced RIP technology, the user can get smooth gradients, vivid images and sharp small size text. The ICC color management workflow provides vibrant and bright colors.

Example Applications

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